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Pet friendly

We are pleased to welcome pets.  Over the years of running La Grande Maison we have met many wonderful owners and pets.  Not just dogs, cats too, and even a parrot.


Hello Henry

Meet Henry, one of our two dogs, a young, big friendly fellow!

Both village bars and the shop are happy for dogs to pop in with their humans.

We are lucky to live in an area with many easy walks directly from the house, or a little further away, canal-side strolls and forest walks.

Our local vet is well versed in pre travel requirements.  Clearly, just now (February 2019) there are a few uncertainties but we will keep an eye on developments.

We can advise on the best way for your pets to travel and facilitate a small discount for channel crossings.


A Norwegian Blue ?

This was a first for us!  Mikey the parrot!

One cool customer, with his humans and an assortment of dogs too, they were an absolute pleasure and caused quite a stir in the village.

Our friends and neighbours locally are very friendly and always keen to meet our guests, nobody will be ignored in the bar, a friendly hand shake always on offer.


Tree hugging

Well, in all honesty, this little cat was not a guest, this is our Harry, a dear soul and a ray of sunshine, always up for a game.








Gorgeous Dogs

Ruby and Merlin, fabulous Flatcoat Retrievers who honoured us with their presence in 2015 and again in 2018.

Here they are enjoying butcher’s bones which are free in  France!


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