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Son et Lumière 2019

Son et Lumière Over several evenings in early August each year there is a stunning display at the nearby Abbey of Bon Repos.  An ancient abbey under restoration where the history is depicted in light and sound. It really is a sight to see!  Come back to a wonderful bubbly relaxation in the hot tub […]

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Local Activities

  Throughout the year, our village presents many lively activities.  “Village Lunches” to celebrate various good causes, Church, Village School, Football Club, that sort of thing.  At such times the village hall is opened to all, for a small amount you can enjoy a simple three course meal, unlimited wine or cider,  meet with the […]

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Our village is a typical Breton community.  Very friendly resisdents, everyone will greet you! We are lucky to still have a village shop, the heart of the community.  It’s open every day except Mondays selling  a small selection of fresh foods, dried and tinned products too, and of course fresh bread baked locally every day.  […]